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ASBA 2014 Legislative Scorecard Bills

Friday, May 23, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Arizona Small Business Association
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Arizona’s 2014 legislative session was among the shortest in recent memory lasting 101 days, yet productive for Arizona small businesses.  The conclusion of this year’s legislative session launched the unofficial start the of 2014 election season where all seats in the Arizona Legislature are up for grabs.  The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) strongly believes that well-informed voters are essential to ensuring the development of necessary and responsible public policy. 

Although ASBA does not engage in the practice of endorsing candidates for public office, we do track how incumbent state legislators vote with ASBA on Arizona’s top small business issues.  Our 2014 Legislative Scorecard outlines how each members of the legislature voted with us.  Floor votes are what we track on this scorecard, which take place when a bill moves through the legislative process and arrives to the Committee of the Whole in both chambers.  Scoring incumbent legislators on how they voted on a bill in the Committee of the Whole has proven to be the most objective way for us to evaluate and score lawmakers.  The scorecard also provides a summary of each bill that lawmakers were scored on, ASBA’s position and the outcome of the bill. 

ASBA’s annual scorecard is the last of three important documents that we publish annually to communicate our public policy priorities for the year and our results.  The first published document is our annual legislative agenda which communicates our top legislative priorities for the year and presented to lawmakers at the beginning of the session.  The second document is our annual legislative summary that provides a recap of what transpired during the session and presented with the legislature adjourns.  All of these documents can be found in the Advocacy page of

Summary of legislative bills that legislators were scored on the following:

HB2272:  Tax Credits; Capital Investments; Employment
Sponsor: Rep. Tom Forese (R – District 17)
ASBA’s Position:  Support
Bill Summary:  This bill extends the termination date of an existing Arizona tax credit for investment in qualified small businesses for five years, to December 31, 2024.  The tax credit is managed by the Arizona Commerce Authority and is for net increases in full-time employees residing in Arizona, and hired in qualified employment positions.  The bill also increases the maximum total of all qualified investments in any calendar year by a qualified investor, for the purpose of the credit from $250,000 to $500,000. 
Result: HB2272 passed out of the House with a 38-21 vote, passed out of the Senate with a 24-4 vote, and was signed into law by Governor Brewer. 

HB 2288: Sales Tax; Reduced Reporting Requirement
Rep. Debbie Lesko (R - District 21)
ASBA’s Position:  Support

Bill Summary:  This bill is intended to reduce the frequency in which Arizona small businesses that collected $8,000 or less in annual in transaction privilege tax (TPT), are required to file a report and pay taxes to the state.  HB2288 will reduce that requirement from annually to quarterly, for businesses that collect between $2,000 and $8,000 annually in TPT, and from quarterly to annually for those that collect less than $2,000. 

Result: HB 2288 passed out of the House with a 57-0 vote, passed out of the Senate with a 29-0 vote, and signed into law by Governor Brewer.


HB 2404: Agencies; Third-Party Electronic Service Providers
Rep. David Stevens (R – District 14)
ASBA’s Position:  Support

Bill Summary: This bill is intended to allow any state agencies to take advantage of online resources and authorize any person to be a “third-party electronic service provider.”  Similar to how Arizona motorist can renew their vehicle registration online using, state agencies will be allowed to receive payment and process permits, licenses and other credentials using online resources. 

Result: HB2404 passed out of the House with a 49-8 vote, passed out of the Senate with a 29-0 vote, and signed into law by Governor Brewer.

HB2528:  Municipalities; Regulations; Sign Walkers
  Rep. Warren Petersen (R – District 12)
ASBA’s Position:  Support
Bill Summary:  This bill is intended to ensure that municipalities in Arizona do not prohibit the posting, display and use of sign walkers on public sidewalks, walkways and pedestrian thoroughfares.  Such public areas are considered by the legislature as traditional public forums for freedom of speech that must be protected from unreasonable abridgment by municipal regulation, and enforcement.  Municipalities can adopt reasonable time, place and manner regulations relating to sign walkers.  
Result:  HB2528 passed out of the House with a 57-0 vote, passed out of the Senate with a 21-9 vote, and signed into law by Governor Brewer.

HB2567:  Theft of Trade Secrets; Offense
Rep. Justin Pierce (R – District 25)
ASBA Position:  Support
Bill Summary:  HB2567 amends Title 13, Chapter 18 of the Arizona Revised Statues and makes it a class 5 felony to take, transmit, alter, destroy, use, copy or purchase a "trade secret" as defined without permission of the owner.  Offenses also include the intent to deprive or withhold the exclusive control of the trade secret from its owner or with the intent to make any use of the trade secret.
Result:  HB2567 passed out of the House with a 57-0 vote, passed out the Senate with a 28-0 vote, and signed into law by Governor Brewer.

SB 1062: Exercise of Religion; State Action
Sen. Steve Yarbrough (R – District 14)
ASBA’s Position:  Opposed
Bill Summary:  The intent of this bill was to clarify that government could not mandate a business from providing a good or service, if it violated the religious beliefs of the business owner.  This bill was also referred to as the religious freedom bill. ASBA opposed this bill after it concluded that it would unintentionally expose private sector businesses and its owners, to liability by allowing an employee to exercise their own religious beliefs at the expense of the business.  

Result: SB 1062 passed out of the Senate with a 17-13 vote, passed out of the House with a 33-27 vote and was Vetoed by Governor Brewer.

SB1306:  Government Entities; Credit Card Payments
  Sen. Gail Griffin (R – District 14)
ASBA’s Position:  Support
Bill Summary:  The intent of this bill is to allow any government entity (agency, board, commission or other entity operating under the authority of the state of Arizona, or a city, town or county) to require a vendor to accept receiving payment by credit card for any good or services provided.  The use of credit cards would provide government with an efficient method to procure and pay for products and services.
Result:  SB1306 passed out of the Senate with a 29-0 vote, passed out of the House with a 58-2 vote, and was signed into law by Governor Brewer.

SB 1413: Taxes; Manufactures’ Electricity Sales; Exemption
Sponsor:  Sen. Steve Yarbrough (R – District 14)
ASBA’s Position:  Support

Bill Summary: This was the year’s largest economic development bill that would exempt large manufactures from paying taxes on the electricity they consume in their manufacturing process.  Arizona is one of the last states in the nation to keep this tax from being deducted from its tax base. 

Result:  SB 1413 passed out of the Senate with a 27-0 vote, passed out of the House with a 51-3 votes and was signed into law by Governor Brewer. 


The Arizona Small Business Association wishes to thank the members of the Arizona State Legislature for a successful, pro-business legislative session.  Lawmakers voted with us 82% of the time and we are pleased to report that both Democrats and Republicans equally supported ASBA’s pro-business agenda.  Bills such as HB2822 will reduce the cost of doing business by reducing burdensome regulations for Arizona small businesses and the passage of SB1413 will make our state more competitive when attracting large manufacturers and job creators.  Bills signed into law go into effect 90 days after the regular legislative session adjourns.  Finally, we wish to thank Governor Jan Brewer for being a champion of business and for leading Arizona through the economic downturn and onto the recovery that is underway. 

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