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PET PLANET Offers "TIPS" for Senior Dogs

Posted By Kristen Cherry, Pet Planet, Thursday, September 15, 2016

Senior Dogs

All dogs are different . . .  but when it comes to aging, the distinctions become more evident.

There are a number of physical and mental changes associated with aging. One of the first signs may be that your dog is starting to slow down. Your dog may take a little longer to get up from lying down, may no longer jump on the bed or couch, or may not have as much energy when playing.

As time goes on, your dog may develop health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, heart ailments, liver or kidney conditions and cancer. Some behavioural changes that may occur as your dog ages are confusion, memory loss, accidents in the house, changes in sleep patterns, socialization problems or separation anxiety.

Help your dog maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle through their senior years by feeding the right food and treats. Consider using nutritional supplements to address concerns as a result of the aging process. Provide mental stimulation, physical exercise, regular vet check-ups and most importantly, lots of love and understanding.

When it comes to food, there is no one magic formula for a senior dog. Every dog is an individual and varies in their genetic makeup, lifestyle, history and environment. The most important thing to remember when choosing a food for your senior dog is it needs to contain a good proportion of high-quality protein.

It’s important to keep your senior dog at a healthy weight. Nutrition and exercise are intricately related when it comes to weight control. Daily walks, playtime and socializing with other people and pets will keep your dog’s body and mind active.

If you notice your senior dog is putting on a few pounds, try a quality senior “light” formula food that will help them feel full without the added calories. You can also try giving your dog three or four smaller meals during the day to help burn calories more efficiently. If you split your dog’s food into smaller portions be careful not to overfeed.

Water is important.  Many older dogs forget to drink, or due to arthritis, have trouble getting up or moving around so they avoid going to their water bowl.

Even mild dehydration is bad for a senior dog. Thoroughly wash and refill your dog’s water bowls, often place bowls in multiple locations and deliver the water bowl to your dog if you notice they haven’t had a drink in a long time. Be certain that the water you give your older dog is clean and free of pollutants. Because an older dog’s kidneys may not be functioning as well as when he was younger, they won’t tolerate impure water. Filtered water may be a good option for optimal benefits.

Large-breed dogs enter their senior years at about age five while small-breed dogs, under 20 pounds, become senior citizens at about seven years of age.

Tips for your Dog’s “Senior” Status:

Stick to a regular routine, which helps reduce any anxiety or mental uncertainty your dog may be experiencing.

Use puzzle toys for mental stimulation.

Shorter, more frequent periods of exercise and play are better.

If your dog is not sleeping well, allow them to sleep with you to ease any anxiety or restlessness.

Take your dog outside more frequently for potty breaks.

Provide a ramp or step to help your dog do the things he used to do like get in the car or on the bed or couch.

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PET PLANET ~ Offers Thoughts on Your Pet's Allergies

Posted By Kristen Cherry, Pet Planet, Thursday, August 11, 2016


PET PLANET ~  Your Pet’s Natural Grocer

Pet Allergies ~

Just like humans, pets can suffer from allergies to irritants in their environment:  pollen, mold, grass, cleaning products or a specific types of food or food ingredients.

Environmental Factors ~

About 90% of allergy symptoms in pets are caused by environmental factors ~ indoors and outdoors.

If your pet is allergic to something at home, they’ll exhibit symptoms throughout the year. If allergic to something outdoors, symptoms will be seasonal. It is important to remember that unlike us, our pets can’t remove themselves from environmental irritants, especially indoors.

The most common signs of an allergic reaction are frequent itching, chewing and biting.  When environmental allergens are inhaled, results may be sneezing, coughing and watery eyes.

Unfortunately, allergy testing through your veterinarian can be costly. An alternative solution is to follow a process of elimination to determine whether the allergy is environmental or food related.

Creating a healthy living environment for your pet ~

Our pet’s noses are very sensitive to allergens lurking in your home so it’s important to create a healthy living environment. Suggestions to lessen your pet’s exposure to environmental toxins include making sure no one smokes inside, using non-toxic, unscented natural cleaners and chemicals and investing in an air purifier to keep the dust down. Outdoors, eliminate your pet’s exposure to pesticides, fertilizers and natural allergens such as pollen and grass.

Environmental allergies?

• Supplement with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids,they offer relief from inflammation.

• Because dogs and cats sweat through their noses and the bottom of their feet, they can pick up a lot of debris like pollen, dust and cleaning agents. Regular bathing is a great way to rinse away allergens and relieve itchy skin. A nice cool bath using an oatmeal or tea-tree, oil-based shampoo/soap is very soothing.

• Use a natural antihistamine rather than prescription antihistamines/steroids because long term exposure can compromise your pet’s immune system.

• Keep pets away from the offending allergen, even if they’ve had an allergy shot.

• Reduce the possibility of mold forming by using a dehumidifier.

Food allergies?

Only about 10% of allergies in dogs and cats are caused by food. If your pet has a true food allergy, he’ll exhibit symptoms such as itchy skin on the face, feet, ears, forelegs and could  have chronic or recurring ear infections.

WARNING:  Commercial, low-quality pet foods found in grocery stores lack essential fatty acids and usually contain chemical preservatives, artificial coloring, low-quality proteins and common food allergens such as corn, wheat and soybeans.

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PET PLANET Offers Summer Safety Tip for Walking Your Dog

Posted By Kristen Cherry, Pet Planet, Wednesday, July 20, 2016

With confidence and trusted solutions, Pet Planet store Ambassadors advise Customers on a wide variety of issues affecting their animal companions.  An issue many Customers express is how to best keep their pets comfortable during the "dog days of summer!"

See the attached poster illustrating a hands-on safety tip to consider when taking your pet for a walk this summer. 

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Hot Ground.pdf (1.74 MB)

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PET PLANET Offers Summer Safety Tip for Pets (and Kids)!

Posted By Kristen Cherry, Pet Planet, Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Take a look at the attached chart . . . our cars become extremely dangerous places for kids and pets left inside . . . even when it's relatively "cool" outside!

Please . . . never leave children or pets unattended in your car . . . never, not even for 1 minute!

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Hot Car.pdf (1.29 MB)

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PET PLANET Opens Newest Store in Queen Creek

Posted By Kristen Cherry, Pet Planet, Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pet Planet ~ Your Pet's Natural Grocer ~ is pleased to announce the opening of our newest store in Queen Creek.  We're located next door to Sprouts Market in The District Shopping Center at Ellsworth Loop Road and Rittenhouse Road.

Pet Planet is a community based retailer with an uncompromising commitment to helping our pets live healthier, happier and longer lives.  Stop in today to see what makes us different . . . 

 Attached Files:
We Are OPEN.pdf (24.77 KB)

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Helping Our Pets Live Healthier, Happier and Longer Lives.

Posted By Kristen Cherry, Pet Planet, Thursday, June 16, 2016

So what makes Pet Planet different?

Family – It’s where our story begins…

Pet Planet began with a mother and daughter team who suffered the heartbreaking loss of a young dog to cancer.  As they looked for support and answers they discovered that the pet industry, at that time, did not advocate for the pets they served. It was difficult to find accurate information relating to the impacts of proper nutrition, holistic and complementary therapies and ultimately how to support longer and healthier lives.  A need for a true advocate became clear, and Pet Planet was born.  

A journey towards change…

Our first store opened in Calgary, Alberta, in 1996, and twenty years later we are 48 stores strong reaching from coast to coast in Canada and 9 stores in the Phoenix valley.  As we grew, and became more deeply dedicated to changing the lives of the pets we love, the Guardianship movement was born. The concept of Guardianship revolves around the idea that how we think, predicts how we will act.  Using the word “Guardian” in place of “owner” when referring to our animal companions is more than just an exercise in semantics, the shift in dialogue promotes a more compassionate relationship between person and animal.  It elicits a sense of respect and love, and illustrates the undeniable perspective of our responsibilities to provide them a long and healthy life full of love and engagement.

We take your trust seriously…

Pet Planet is proud of the relationships we build. All of our partners are chosen with care – because we believe in the products and services that they offer. Our team of franchisees and employees is among the best in the industry and are always here to support you through each step of your Guardianship journey.  We take your trust seriously and we will work hard each and every day to both earn and keep that trust.

We can help you find the right solution…

After twenty years in the pet specialty industry we have built a wealth of knowledge and experience relating to what our pets need to help them live longer, healthier lives. More importantly, we’ve been through almost every bump there is in the Guardianship journey – from puppyhood to losing your loving senior – we’ve lived each moment with you.  Each Guardianship journey has taught us the same thing – we have the ability to help and to make a difference.  Whether your “bump” is related to a specific health-related issue like allergies, joint health or weight management; if you are looking for ways to entertain your power chewer; or if you have concerns about your aging senior, we can direct you to products that will help you to manage, treat or solve the problems you are facing. Whatever the problem, our goal is to help you to find a solution.

So what makes Pet Planet different?

Relationships based on respect, dedication, trust and our uncompromising commitment to helping our pets live healthier, happier and longer lives!

That’s what makes Pet Planet different!

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Franchising Facts

Posted By Louie Picazo, Link Staffing Services, Monday, December 14, 2015

Are you researching whether or not YOU want to own a franchise?

  • 55% of all Americans want to be their own boss.

  • 37% of all households are involved in small business.

  • 70% of all high schools students want to start a business.

  • 1 out of every 25 adults is currently starting a business.

    U.S. SALES:

  • More than $800 billion in annual sales

  • 40.9% of all retail

  • Total franchise sales over 2.3 Trillion to the economy

  • Franchise Businesses have $660.9 Billion of annual payrolls, or 12.5% of all private sector payrolls in the United States.


  • 1 in 12 business establishments is a franchise

  • A new franchise opens every 8 minutes of every business day

  • There are approximately 3000 different Franchisors (Franchise Business Companies) operating in the U.S today.

  • Over 900,000 Franchised businesses.

  • Over 300 Franchise Business Categories


  • More than 21 Million people are employed by franchise businesses, or 15.3% of all U.S. jobs.

  • Franchised businesses create more than 170,000 new jobs each year.


  • According to the U.S. Commerce Department fewer than 5% of Franchises were terminated on an annual basis

  • In a study by Arthur Anderson & Company of 366 franchise companies, nearly 97% were still in business after 5 years.

  • In contrast, a study by the U.S. Small Business Administration revealed that 62.2% of all new businesses failed within their first 6 years of business.


  • Economic slowdown and skepticism about job security is driving franchising.

  • The franchise industry today is breaking away from the “Mom & Pop” industry of the past and is being replaced by corporate executives.

  • 87% of franchisors indicated that lead quality is up this year an average of 50% over the previous year.

  • A recent Gallup Poll of Franchisees found that more than 94 percent considered themselves successful and that more than 75 percent would buy their franchise again if they had it to do over again.

If you are interested in FRANCHISING and need additional information on a LINK STAFFING FRANCHISE, please contact LOUIE PICAZO 713.358.1094 visit us online at for more information  

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