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The IT Challenges of Business Success

Posted By Eric Sables, IT Strategic Partners, Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Congratulations!  You’ve worked hard and have now moved from a “startup, small business” to a “medium sized business” (100-999 employees).  You’ve been able to outsource your IT needs to a small service provider that has adequately fulfilled your IT requirements, and you expect that your supporting technology will keep pace with your business goals. 


The “mom and pop” IT companies that supported you on your way up may hinder you as you become larger.  These small service providers often lack the experience and skillsets needed to create the IT strategies that will propel your company to the next level. So, now what?

Being in this situation can be daunting.  Some of the questions that you may face are:

  • Do I continue to outsource my entire IT, or insource some or all functions?
  • What skills and IT functions do I hire first?
  • I’m not an IT expert, what skills do I ask for in a job posting? 
  • What do I look for when reviewing IT resumes and performing interviews?
  • How many IT employees should I have for the company of my size?

Don’t panic, help is out there!  Consultants specializing in IT strategy and operations can assist with almost every facet of creating a new IT department from scratch, or selecting the best outsourcing company.  Consultants can provide insider insight that will give you the all-important first hire which will be the foundation of future hires. 

There is another challenge that is often ignored until it is too late.  Information technology has its own language, and each IT specialization is unique.  Sometimes, you need a trusted translator that can speak the languages of IT and ask the questions that need asking.  This translation challenge is a two-way street.  IT can misunderstand, or misinterpret the business requirements and waste precious resources providing incorrect, or sub-optimal solutions.  An experienced consultant can provide universal translation services and set the tone for successful conversations moving forward.

Once you’ve hired the core of your new IT department and developed a culture of open communication between the business and IT, you’ll be ready to create your new IT strategy and build your technology roadmaps. 

Your company will now be back on the path to success.  Your IT department will become a business enabler supporting growth rather than an obstacle hindering it.     


IT Strategic Partners – Your Trusted IT Partner
Call us to schedule a meeting.  Let’s work together to take your IT to the next level!

Phone: (520) 230-2868



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Ransom Ware - 2016 Warning for Business Owners

Posted By Matt Maggiora, TeamLogicIT, Friday, January 29, 2016

If Intel’s predictions are accurate, it’s not if your organization will fall victim to ransomware in 2016 but when.

In the company’s latest Threats Predictions Report, security experts expect ransomware attacks to increase in frequency, sophistication and scope, which is unwelcome news, considering that users already click about one of every 25 malicious messages they see.

What Business and IT Leaders Should Know

Key takeaways from the full report, include predictions of:

  • Renewed attacks on financial and government sectors (including police departments), where organizations are willing to pay quickly to restore operations.
  • Continued exploitation of MS-Office, Adobe PDF and graphics files (including, sadly, those for Mac OSX), with increased targeting of other common business-file extensions.
  • Stealthy new variants of CryptoLocker, CryptoWall and other programs, which silently encrypt data and worm their way into the system backup, waiting to be activated. Intel says that such variants may also “target kernel components to hook the file system and encrypt files on the fly, as users access them.”

Files are Frozen, Now What?

Ourprevious ransomware post details effective methods of preventing ransomware attacks, including educating your team, and performing regular updates and backups.

A recent slideshow posted over recommends taking these (and other) steps after you’ve detected an infection:

  1. When Stricken, Disconnect. Immediately remove the infected machine from your network and disable all wireless capabilities. Unplug physical storage devices, such as USB drives and external hard drives.
  2. Assess the Scope (of file-infrastructure compromise). Determine whether the infected machine had access to shared drives, folders, network storage, external hard drives, or cloud-based storage.
  3. Inventory for Signs of Encryption. Check for a registry of file listings created by the ransomware. There are tools specifically made to find and list all your ‘ransomed’ files.
  4. Determine the Strain. Though each attack follows the same basic pattern–encrypting your files and then giving you a ‘pay-by-or-else’ deadline, knowing which ransomware you’ve been hit with will help you take the most appropriate course of action.
  5. Evaluate Response Options. From best to worst, according to the author, are: restore from a recent backup; decrypt files using a third-party decryptor; do nothing and lose your data; negotiate and/or pay the ransom (which many security experts advise against, but apparently not the FBI).

Put an MSP on Your Team

Of course, much of the grief and cost of ransomware attacks can be prevented by seeking guidance from a security-savvy Managed Service Provider. MSPs are at the forefront of cybersecurity and can quickly assess your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and help you identify the most appropriate preventive and corrective measures.




Matt Maggiora- 480-436-7747

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#TechBlab Ep 41 - Conversation on Tech. Find out!

Posted By Gabriel Salcido, Arizona Small Business Association, Tuesday, January 19, 2016
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Eservice explained

Posted By Eric Monti, Inphoenet Technology Management LC, Wednesday, December 16, 2015 Web Blog - E-Service Explained

When we hear the term E-Service we might think of governmental services being offered over the internet but it also includes the Service Industry. Consider this definition: the automation of the delivery of services which make them more of electronic services. ITMShop automates the Service Request making online estimating, payment processing, project management and recurring billing electronic services.

It starts with a custom estimating system that allows your customers to start an estimate request, participate in building the final requirements, review the final request and decide to accept and pay or to reject the estimate. ITMShop lets you choose whether to force complete payment prior to beginning or any desired portion like 50/50 or wait until finished to collect, it's easy Customers can even upload images, documents to support their request. The request system has a support system built in to communicate with customers about a specific request. Our policy is 50% down and the rest when request approved by you.

The request can then be reviewed by you via the administrative part of the website. You can review the input by the customer and complete the estimate or request more information from the customer until enough information to complete the estimate. Once completed, the customer will then be able to accept it or reject it. If accepted, it will allow customer to make the desired portion of the payment as described above. E-mails customized for your transactions are delivered when appropriate.

Once accepted, you can use the project management tools and team portal to assign team members and give them the directions needed. Team members have their own accounts and access the site through your Team portal. There they can see their assignments and update them as required. The support system lets you have email discussions between team members not seen by customers.

Once request is completed, the customer is notified and they finish the request by logging in to your website and selecting the request and follow directions to approve and make final payment if necessary.  Customers can give a review or a testimonial.

If the service is recurring, a service record is created to automate the payment on the desired frequency. The customer has the ability to cancel the service.

We use the same ITMShop model on our site so if you submit an estimate request for ITMShop, you will see the estimate and other automation in motion for yourself.

That's what eservice is all about!


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Posted By Matt Maggiora, TeamLogicIT, Wednesday, December 16, 2015



Call Us At: 480-436-7747480-436-7747 

Most likely you've heard of Software as a Service (SaaS), and maybe even Platform as a Service (PaaS), Network as a Service (NaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). If you haven't yet heard of Big Data as a Service (BDaaS), Windows as a Service (WaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS) or any of the other thousands of common technology or computer terms that either now have - or will have - "as a service" as part of their common usage, you soon will.

Clearly, the technology world is moving toward the "as a service" model, which means the way you implement technology into your business will also change. And, there are some key benefits as to why you should adapt to this change. They range from easy upgrades and cost savings to decreased security and loss risks, the ability to work from anywhere, and more.

With their scalability, accessibility, user-friendliness and affordability, "as a service" models are here to stay and you can expect more and more of the technologies you use or want to use to be offered in this way. Talk with us about how you take advantage of this model now.



Small businesses are today's leaders of innovation. The combination of smart minds, investment dollars, and the rate of change that only small businesses can deliver are providing an exciting and competitive business landscape for new products and services. One of the cornerstones to this innovation is effectively leveraging Information Technology.

Information Technology is moving from the back-office to a functional way for businesses to compete differently and enable employees and partners to innovate. Whether through collaboration applications, visually intensive technology, or mobility technology and services, the opportunity for businesses to leverage IT to their advantage has never been greater. Information technology done right will provide market and competitive intelligence, logical analytics to assess key business trends quickly, and allow employees to work effectively and securely anywhere at any time of the day.

To take full advantage of these evolving technologies and services, partner with us. We focus not only on technology, yet on how to best use technology to create value that translates into a competitive advantage for your business.



The role of IT Managed Services Providers (IT MSPs) is evolving rapidly from tactical business considerations - i.e., saving expense and cutting costs - to strategic issues, such as security and compliance. That's one of the key findings from the 4th Annual Trends in Managed Services study released in June by CompTIA, the world's largest non-profit IT trade association.

Survey respondents reported the top reason their companies turn to MSPs is to improve efficiency and reliability of IT operations. Respondents cited the ability to enhance security and compliance and a proactive approach to maintenance as the 2nd- and 3rd-ranked reasons companies work with MSPs. "Return on investment/cost savings" fell from the 2nd spot in the 2014 report to the 4th position this year.

"This really speaks to the value that the role of the MSP holds in the mind of the end user," Carolyn April told SearchITChannel. April is CompTIA's Senior Director of Industry Analysis and the author of the recent report.

CompTIA researchers queried 350 IT and business professionals in the U.S. about their experiences, decision factors and usage trends when it came to using IT MSP firms. In addition to discovering the increasingly strategic role for MSPs, the results showed an uptick in adoption of managed services at respondent's firms compared to last year's study.



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