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Top 10 Free Must Use WordPress Plugins for New Bloggers

Posted By Arizona Small Business Association, Thursday, October 8, 2015
Contributor: Sanjay Negi]

Have you just started a new blog using WordPress CMS? You are not new, many people start new blogs and expect too high, early on only to fail and then give up. WordPress is the best platform available for serious bloggers, who want to create a brand out of their blogs. So if you are serious about blogging, and want to create a name for yourself and your blog, you have to keep some basic things in mind such as doing SEO, speeding up the blog, fighting spam in comments etc.

  1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

The best plugin for all your On Page SEO Optimization. Everything you want in your blog, custom titles, meta descriptions, canonical tags to control duplicacy, no index tags, breadcrumbs, sitemap and social media meta tags. This plugin takes care of every on page optimization you need for search engines and social media platforms.

  1. Jetpack


From sharing buttons to related posts and loading of your images from its CDN and more, just in one plugin. Jetpack is the best plugin to supercharge your blog.

  1. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

Creating cache of your blog to load it more faster to the users. It’s must for increasing the loading speed of your blog, and that’s all the more important as site loading speed is one of the influencing factors in Search Engine rankings.

  1. WP Smush

WP Smush

An image can say a thousand words but images are much heavier than 1000 words when it comes to KBs so you need to optimize them to reduce size without much loss in visual quality. And this plugin does a great job automatically doing that when you upload the images.

  1. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

With updates in the server and theme updates and even due to crashing of plugins and similar problems and even manual errors, many files (images and other resource files) can get misplaced over time causing links in your blog break. Broken links mean missing resources, implying that things would not necessarily be the way they are expected to be. (Image/resource not found and other such errors). Search engines see this as a negative sign and users don’t like broken links either. To identify these broken links, it is the must use plugin. Using this plugin is a smart approach to easily finding and fixing broken links.

  1. Akismet


If you want to reduce spam in comment this plugin is your answer. It is the best option available for bloggers using WordPress native commenting platform. Auto filtering of spammy comments to make the comments section more useful and improve the experience of your readers.

  1. WP-Optimize


Must use plugin to clean up your database and optimize it from WordPress dashboard with just one click.

  1. Click To Tweet

Click To Tweet

Ever heard of the thing called inline tweeting? This plugin allows you to place a ‘Tweet Box’ inline with your content to get you more tweets. With the use of this plugin your readers can tweet your punchlines with just one click.

  1. Google Analytics by Yoast

Google Analytics by Yoast

To track what’s happening in your blog, you need to install the Google analytics code to your blog and this plugin make it easy to do that.

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  1. Redirection


After finding a lot of internal broken links, we need to fix them to transfer authority to relevant pages on our blog. This plugin helps you find 404 internal links and fix them by providing 301 permanent redirection to other relevant pages and maintain the user experience and also maintain the Search Engine Authority of concerned ‘Broken Links’.

There are thousands of plugins available to use but few of them are worth the time and effort that it takes to install them. Here we have mentioned the most useful plugins that you can use. So that you don’t have to go and install every other plugin available online only to find out later that you don’t need them, some plugins even slow your blog down to crawl. It’s better to use only few plugins that make your blog faster, search engine friendly, easily shareable, and have good readability. Thus making your blog more user-friendly.

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Hackers exploit critical vulnerability in popular WordPress theme component

Posted By Arizona Small Business Association, Friday, September 5, 2014

Attackers are actively exploiting a critical vulnerability in a WordPress plug-in that’s used by a large number of themes, researchers from two security companies warned Wednesday.

The vulnerability affects versions 4.1.4 and older of Slider Revolution, a commercial WordPress plug-in for creating mobile-friendly content display sliders. The flaw was fixed in Slider Revolution 4.2 released in February, but some themes—collections of files or templates that determine the overall look of a site—still bundle insecure versions of the plug-in.

The vulnerability can be exploited to execute a local file inclusion (LFI) attack that gives hackers access to a WordPress site’s wp-config.php file, researchers from Web security firm Sucuri said in a blog post. This sensitive file contains database access credentials that can be used to compromise the whole site, the researchers said.

In February, ThemePunch, the developer of Slider Revolution, mentioned in the release notes of version 4.2 that a security issue had been fixed but didn’t release any additional details about the problem or its impact.

Information about the vulnerability circulated on underground forums for several months, but on Sept. 1 someone posted a proof-of-concept exploit for it on a public site, including a list of WordPress themes that are likely affected, security researchers from Trustwave said Wednesday in a blog post. “Our web honeypots picked up increased scanning activity today.”

Sucuri researchers also observed attempts to exploit the vulnerability. “Today alone, there were 64 different IP addresses trying to trigger this vulnerability on more than 1,000 different websites within our environment,” they said.

Slider Revolution is sold via, an online market for Web scripts and other components. The plug-in is bought by regular site owners, but also by WordPress theme developers who then bundle it inside their products to enable content slider functionality.

The problem is that when bundled with themes, Slider Revolution’s automatic update mechanism is typically disabled. Users then have to rely on theme authors to update the plug-in along with their themes, which in many cases doesn’t happen.

“We fix all issues within hours,” a technical support representative for Damojo, the Cologne, Germany, company that owns ThemePunch, said Thursday via email. “As you know it is essential that all your plugins, WordPress and servers are always updated with the latest releases. Our direct customers do and can update their plugin regularly and automatically if they choose to.”

“The main issue is that theme authors that bundled the slider within their theme did not update the plugin for their customers,” the Damojo representative said. “The hint ‘Security Fix’ [in the release notes] should have ringed some bells. Why haven’t they updated the plugin since February?”

The latest version of Slider Revolution is 4.6, released on Aug. 25, but this particular vulnerability only affects versions older than 4.2.

The Damojo representative advised users to check if their themes contain a vulnerable version of the plug-in and to contact the theme authors in case they do, adding that the company shouldn’t be blamed for someone else’s failures.

This incident highlights yet again the risks of insecure third-party code reuse, a widespread problem that affects all types of software, not just Web applications and WordPress themes.

Many developers use third-party components and libraries in their own software projects and fail to keep up with their security updates. This can lead to situations where a vulnerability is identified and fixed in a software package, but lingers on for months or years in other applications.




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