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How to Build Trust With Online Reviews

Posted By Michael Arce, Loud Rumor, Wednesday, January 27, 2016

build trust.jpg

Businesses need new customers like plants need water: you can’t thrive and grow without them! How to attract those new customers is a question that all businesses grapple with. There are several different strategies that can accomplish this, but one of the most reliable methods out there is online reviews.

Build Trust With Potential Customers

If you want to build a strong customer base, you need to build trust. That's why online reviews are a must.A recent BrightLocal survey stated that 92% of consumers read online reviews. They’ve become so commonplace that if your business DOESN'T have any reviews it could raise suspicion. You don't want to lose business to your competitors just because they have reviews and you don't.

One of the main reasons why consumers put so much faith in online reviews is because it can give them an impression of what their experience is going to be like. A review can tell them everything they need to know: The business's atmosphere, the level of customer service, and the product itself. Even though the reviews are written by strangers, they're people looking for similar products and experiences so the reader is able to empathize with them.

A great review builds trust and can convince a potential customer who's on the fence to make a commitment to experience your business for themselves. A negative review, on the other hand, can drive people away like they just got a whiff of this...


If you want to get great reviews, you have to offer great service. Give people an experience that they'll want to RAVE about to everyone they know. That's a great way to distinguish yourself from others in your field. Be the business that's so great that you won't have to tell people how great you are: Other people will do it for you!

Boost Your Online Presence

Online reviews don't just help potential customers looking into your business; It helps potential customers find your business. Online reviews beef up your online presence presence. If you have a solid amount of reviews on your Google My Business page, it makes your listing really stand out. You can also use online reviews for business in AdWords. You get to flaunt your rating in your ads. When you provide your reviews in multiple places, it makes it really easy for customers to find and see them. It also makes yourself look really good.

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Want to find out more about how online reviews can boost your online presence and bring in new business? Our team at Loud Rumor would be happy to hear from you.

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4 Things to Test for Insane AdWords Optimization Success

Posted By Michael Arce, Loud Rumor, Wednesday, January 6, 2016

adwords asba.jpg

When it comes to an AdWords campaign, it’s important to track performance, analyze, and optimize all the time. This is what sets an good campaign apart from an amazing one. At Loud Rumor, we always make sure to at least test these 4 things for AdWords optimization:

1 - Landing Pages

Once people click on your AdWords listing, they should be taken to a landing page that caters to the service or product mentioned in your ad.

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But in order to determine which page design, layout, and content brings in the most conversions, you need to create multiple landing pages to run at the same time.

To rank in the top 25% of landing pages for your specific industry, you need to test at least 4 unique landing pages against one another to choose which one has the highest success rate.

2 - Ad Text

In order for customers to click on your ad, they have to like what they see. That means the content of your ads need to be engaging.

So you’ll want to test different styles and verbiage. First start out with your heading. Create two ads that are exactly the same except for the very first line of the ad:

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.28.17 PM.png

Once these run and gather enough data, really determine which title works best. Then move on to the second line of the ad, and finally the third. By the time you run through each of these optimizations, you’ll have one awesome ad with killer content that’s guaranteed to see results.

Here’s a more detailed rundown of this process - How to Properly A/B Test Ads!

3 - Keywords

Based on the information you find by tracking your campaign performance, you might want to add “negative keywords.” Not only does this help narrow your reach, but it can also save you a significant amount of money.

Negative keywords prevent your ad from appearing on search results pages when people enter a certain phrase. For instance, if you’re a dentist, you don’t want your your cleaning service for oral hygiene to come up when people search for “house cleaning” or “commercial cleaning,” etc. So negative keywords help clarify that in your ads.

4 - Devices

You’ll want to know whether your ads see better results on desktop or mobile. This way, you can determine where you should increase and decrease your ad spend.

So if you get more clicks and conversions on mobile rather than desktop, decrease your bid on desktop by about 10-15% and increase your bid on mobile by 10-15%. That way you’re not paying more out of pocket, but you are ranking higher on the device that sees better results.

the more you know.gif

What questions or tips do you have for AdWords optimization? Comment below and let us know!

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Creating an AdWords Campaign That’ll Knock Your Competitors Out of the Park

Posted By Michael Arce, Loud Rumor, Wednesday, September 30, 2015



There’s no denying that AdWords is a huge part of the online world. It’s become such a valuable strategy for small businesses because it offers more visibility and faster results than a lot of other marketing efforts. And when you really invest the time to make you campaign amazing, AdWords allows you to knock your competitors out of the part.

Start Off With the Campaign Type

In order for AdWords to work really well for your company, you need to set it up right from the start. That means you need to choose your campaign type wisely.

There are several different options here:

  1. Search Network with Display Select - Your ad would show in Google and on other related sites

  2. Search Network Only - Your ad would only show on google for the keyword you invest in *this is our favorite!*

  3. Display Network Only - Your ad doesn’t show in Google but rather on other places like blogs and pages that offer ad space

  4. Shopping - Ideal for businesses that provide products for sale

Choosing a campaign type that’s best suited for your business is super important. This sets a precedent for your AdWords success right from the get go.

Get Local

Once you’re done with that, you’ll want to target your ads to your specific area. As a small business, you want to cater to the clients that will actually come to your store.

So if you’re a dentist in Scottsdale, you wouldn’t want to target people who live in California. To avoid that, you need to set a specific region for your AdWords. Select “Let Me Choose” when setting up your campaign and you’ll be able to set a specific radius, zip code, or area (park, airport, etc.) that your ads reach.

The last thing you want is for your ads to miss the people who want your services the most… because then it’ll be like you don’t exist in their search engine:

according to google.gif

Engaging Ad Text

As you may already know, you PPC ads need to remain within a certain character limit. That just means you need to get your message across in a succinct but impactful way! Here’s a short guideline:

  • Headline - 25 characters

  • 2nd line - 25 characters

  • 3rd line - 35 characters

  • Display URL - 35 characters

So the goal when writing your ads is to catch the consumer’s attention. Despite the character limit, you’ll want to edit the text until it really engages people to where they have to click! This is what will make your ads stand out more than your competitor’s. Be clever, creative, and informative here. And most importantly, stick to your brand.

And remember, once these are live you can always A/B test the ads one line at a time to see what text works best. Here’s an awesome article that explains how to properly A/B test your ads.

If you have any questions on these 3 aspects of your AdWords campaign, comment below or contact our team of experts!

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The AdWords Tools You’ve Been Waiting For… At Last!

Posted By Michael Arce, Loud Rumor, Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.18.15 PM.png

You’re tracking clicks, conversions, budget, keyword performance… the list goes on. Google AdWords is a beast. If you’re a business who invests in this internet marketing strategy, you clearly understand how important it is. But that doesn’t make AdWords simple. These tools, however, DO.

Get ready to improve your campaign performance, simplify your life, and bring in the leads!


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: call tracking is a must when it comes to AdWords. Seriously, it offers so many benefits that you just can’t beat. Record phone calls that customers have with your salesperson and evaluate their performance. Figure out which keywords customers use when they contact your company. And so much more.

Related: Why AdWords for Small Business is Virtually Worthless Without Call Tracking


When someone clicks on an ad for your AdWords campaign, where does it take them? Use Unbounce to take them to a gorgeous landing page that covers only the service or product the ad mentioned. You’re catering to the customer! This is a smooth move in the marketing world...

smooth move.gif

It’s also so much more beneficial than taking someone to a generic website. If the ad mentions a teeth whitening special, they should be taken someone that only covers teeth whitening (not root canals, Invisalign, dentures, etc.).

Landing pages increase conversions… by up to 300%, give the user exactly what they’re looking for, and are super targeted. They’re awesome.


The images for your AdWords campaigns need to be on point. That means you need the right sizing, awesome CTA buttons, and great images.

Bannersnack allows you to do all of that in one convenient place. Choose your banner ad size for mobile, a Facebook ad, leaderboard, and more. You can start by using a template, or you can create a design from scratch. If you want to simplify your ad creation process, Bannersnack is a great solution.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.24.17 PM.png

AdWords Labeling Tool

AdWords has this awesome tool that helps keep you super organized and on track when it comes to your campaigns.

The labeling tool allows you to mark which of your campaigns are performing the best. It helps you remember what optimizations you made last (and why). You can also set specific dates as reminders for when you should go back and make another optimization. The labeling tool allows you to organize by color, category, title, and so on. It’s your go-to for AdWords efficiency.

If you use any other awesome AdWords tools that we haven’t mentioned here, give a shout out! Comment below and let us know which tools you love or want to explore.  

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WordPress rocks, Quizzes and Images work, & Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Posted By Joey Ambrose, Ambrose Photography, Saturday, May 16, 2015

Internet Marketing Weekly 

This week's top News, tips and tools to help you market your business online.

What's Inside:

WordPress owns the Net, Quizzes and Images work on Social,  Help for Shoestring Budgets & Changes to Facebok Ads

Top Story of the Week

Even we were surprised at this number!
Report: 78.8% Of Site Owners Use WordPress For Content Management

Social Media Marketing

Quizzes are a good way to drive interaction, when done right.
Are Facebook Quizzes Your BEST Chance to Go Viral? (yes, says this Case Study)

Email marketing is making a comeback and here's how it fits in.
Social Media Is a Waste of Time Without Building an Email List

Your images make all the difference.
8 Traits that ALL Successful Social Media Images MUST Have

Content Marketing & Blogging

Content marketing not working? Give it the Gordon Ramsay treatment.
Content Marketing Rescue: 4 Tips for Saving Your Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy

Easy to implement ideas that will make your inner tight-wad happy.
21 Ways To Market Your Business Online On A Shoestring Budget

Myth: Content marketing is easy. NOT!
The 1% Rule Of Content Marketing

Local Search & SEO

This should be the SEO playbook for acquiring another business or location.
How To Acquire A New Location & Avoid Screwing Up The Local SEO

Great suggestions if you run an e-commerce store.
4 Tactics for Outstanding E-commerce SEO

Google simplifies online food ordering. 
Google Partners With Delivery Companies, Now You Can Order Food Right From the SERPs

Paid Marketing

Running FB ads? Don't miss this new feature.
Facebook Now Lets People Call Businesses From News Feed Ads

Get the most out of your Facebook ad spending.
11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)

Stat of the Week

According to Google Webmaster tools, what percentage of websites are "Mobile Ready?"

51% Not Mobile Optimized
49% Mobile Optimized


Have a great weekend!

Joey Amrose

Joey @ Go Web Solutions Inc.

P.S. Do you know someone that needs help with their Internet Marketing? Please Share this post!



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