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4 Steps to Crush Creative Burnout

Posted By Karen Cummings, Radiant Marketing, Tuesday, October 18, 2016

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

What the funk?!

Sometimes it just happens no matter what we do.  We find ourselves stuck in a creative funk.  Creative burnout is all-too real and we just can’t escape that nagging feeling that can grind your workday productivity to a halt.  

If you’ve found yourself in a creative slump, it can throw you head-on into an uncertain, disorienting fog - leaving you unmotivated and incapacitated.  

But there’s a silver lining.  

Every entrepreneur goes through this from time to time—so you’re not alone.  And the faster you can learn how to crush and conquer creative burnout, the quicker you can get right back on track to finish your workload and come up with some fresh new ideas to innovate and excite.  

We’ve come up with some awesomely effective techniques to keep creative burnout in check.  Breakthrough your creative burnout with this 4 tips.

Ready, Set, Break!

Taking a break while you’re already behind may seem like the worst possible idea.  But, it can be precisely what you need to get out of that slump.  Studies have shown that after a long period of focus, the brain’s resources can drop, hindering overall performance.  Even a few minutes away from your desk can help you to get unstuck and restore the brain’s ability to think creatively.  So step outside, take some deep breaths and enjoy a moment or two to yourself!

Work it Out

If you encounter a creative block, one of the best and quickest ways to get your endorphins going and blood pumping is to get moving.  Take a hike, go for a nice, brisk walk, hit the gym.  Exercise will help clear your head and stimulate new ideas through a different setting.  In fact, changing up your scenery and activity is one of the most powerful ways to boost your creativity.  Take Haruki Murakami for example.  He’s a spectacular novelist who revealed his obsession with running and how it fuels his creative process.   

Keep the creative content spark alive with these 3 tips to bringing on those creative ideas.

Start Drinking

Although drinking wine has been linked to broadening your creativity horizons, we’re talking about chugging some good ol’ fashioned H2O.  It really is crazy how something as simple as water can make an enormous impact on your mental clarity.  Our brains are made up of 90 percent water!  So, the less water you supply it with, the less it’s able to function at peak performance.  Try to drink at the very least  8-ounce glasses every day.  

Hit the Reset Button

The tips above will help if your creative burnout is temporary.  But if you find yourself feeling stuck and your flame slowly burning out over and over it may be time to consider a total reset.  If you can’t quite shake off that creative burnout, it may be time for a bigger change.  Listen to your gut.  Moving in an entirely new direction may be just the solution you’re searching for.  

As a creative professional, you will face the very real potential for burning out.  The secret to combatting creative burnout isn’t luck.  It’s a deliberate decision to keep the fire burning.  Start radiating that creativity!  

Content should be inspiring, instructional and encourage action.  We can create content for you that will inspire prospects to take action and keep them coming back for more.  Request a Discovery Session with Radiant today


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How to Build Trust With Online Reviews

Posted By Michael Arce, Loud Rumor, Wednesday, January 27, 2016

build trust.jpg

Businesses need new customers like plants need water: you can’t thrive and grow without them! How to attract those new customers is a question that all businesses grapple with. There are several different strategies that can accomplish this, but one of the most reliable methods out there is online reviews.

Build Trust With Potential Customers

If you want to build a strong customer base, you need to build trust. That's why online reviews are a must.A recent BrightLocal survey stated that 92% of consumers read online reviews. They’ve become so commonplace that if your business DOESN'T have any reviews it could raise suspicion. You don't want to lose business to your competitors just because they have reviews and you don't.

One of the main reasons why consumers put so much faith in online reviews is because it can give them an impression of what their experience is going to be like. A review can tell them everything they need to know: The business's atmosphere, the level of customer service, and the product itself. Even though the reviews are written by strangers, they're people looking for similar products and experiences so the reader is able to empathize with them.

A great review builds trust and can convince a potential customer who's on the fence to make a commitment to experience your business for themselves. A negative review, on the other hand, can drive people away like they just got a whiff of this...


If you want to get great reviews, you have to offer great service. Give people an experience that they'll want to RAVE about to everyone they know. That's a great way to distinguish yourself from others in your field. Be the business that's so great that you won't have to tell people how great you are: Other people will do it for you!

Boost Your Online Presence

Online reviews don't just help potential customers looking into your business; It helps potential customers find your business. Online reviews beef up your online presence presence. If you have a solid amount of reviews on your Google My Business page, it makes your listing really stand out. You can also use online reviews for business in AdWords. You get to flaunt your rating in your ads. When you provide your reviews in multiple places, it makes it really easy for customers to find and see them. It also makes yourself look really good.

Related: Where to Get Online Reviews

Want to find out more about how online reviews can boost your online presence and bring in new business? Our team at Loud Rumor would be happy to hear from you.

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3 Marketing Tools and Techniques You Can Use To Keep An Eye On The Competition

Posted By Michael Arce, Loud Rumor, Wednesday, January 20, 2016


As Sun Tzu once said: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” If you want to truly succeed in business, it’s not enough to offer a quality service and cultivate a loyal customer base: You also need to stay on top of the competition. Knowing what others in your field are doing can inspire you to stay current, it can let you see what you’re doing right and show you what you’re doing wrong.

One of the things we’ve learned during all our years working in marketing at Loud Rumor is that there are a lot of tools and techniques available that can help you stay ahead of the curve. Here are three marketing tools and techniques you can use to keep an eye on the competition.

Google Alerts

You can monitor the web for specific things that you want to be updated on by using Google Alerts. You can set alerts to notify you when your competition is mentioned online. That way you can stay up to date on what your competition is doing without having to search for it yourself. It’s an easy tool to manage and organize: You can set your alerts to hit you as they happen, or on a weekly or monthly basis.


Another cool trick you can do with Google Alerts is that you can set an alert on YOURSELF. That way you can be notified whenever your business gets mentioned and keep track of how your presence is spreading online.

Social Mention

You should also be keeping an eye on how your competitors are using social media outlets. You can use Social Mention to see where your competitors show up in social media, as well as what keywords, hashtags, and sources they’re using. It updates in real time, so you’ll always be in the loop on what’s going on in your industry.


Open Site Explorer

Want to find out which high authoritative sites your competitors are listed on? Use Open Site Explorer to track their back links! It's a great Moz tool that lets you type in your competitor's URL and receive a long list of linking pages.

Open Site Explorer also gives you the PA/DA and spam score of each inbound link. This is information that can be very useful to your business: These are opportunities just waiting to be explored! Link building can be hard, tedious work; This tool simplifies the whole process so you can get down to business that much faster.


Related:5 Audiences You Didn't Know You Could Reach With Facebook Detailed Targeting

Looking for more tools, techniques, and tips to help you stay ahead of your competition? Our team at Loud Rumor would be happy to share their expertise! Send us a message or give us a call.

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AdWords Remarketing: Bringin’ in Conversions like Hotcakes!

Posted By Michael Arce, Loud Rumor, Wednesday, October 14, 2015



If you’re already a fan of AdWords, then we don’t have to tell you twice how important and beneficial this marketing investment is. But if AdWords is something you’re still considering… this might just convince you of its value.

When you really optimize your campaign and take things one step further with AdWords remarketing, we’re here to testify that it brings in the leads and conversions like hotcakes! Let’s get started.

1 - Be niche and specific with your campaign

Create different ad groups for your specific website pages. So if you’re a small business clothing boutique, you might not want to create ad groups for each of your items. That’ll be way too much considering you most likely have shirts, pants, accessories galore. Instead, create ad groups for each category.

So if someone sees your AdWords listing for women’s blouses and clicks on it, they’ll be taken to your page that covers women’s blouses. But when they leave, you only want them to see ads on this specific product. Don’t bombard them with jeans, bracelets, and so on.

They should only see remarketing ads for women’s blouses since that’s what they were interested in on your site. This makes sure your advertising efforts are super niche and only show the visitor exactly what they’re intrigued by.


2 -  A/B test your text ads

We’ve covered this before, but A/B testing is your best friend. It tells you honestly what does or doesn’t work with your efforts - and it’s always for the better in the long run. So you want to do this with your text ads.

Test line by line with each of your ads. You’ll do this one line at a time to see which gets better results and choose the winner. Replace both ads with that winning first line and move to the second line. Here’s an awesome article on how to properly A/B test your ads!

This ensures you get more conversions because you’re essentially building an ad that is proven to bring in awesome results and high performance.

3 - Consider adjusting your targeting area for remarketing ads

Since you’re a small business, you want to target close to home. That means you want to reach people who are near your company - stay local. But when it comes to remarketing, you might want to expand beyond this small circle.

So for instance, if you’re targeting within a 20 mile radius of Scottsdale, you might want to adjust your remarketing efforts to all of Arizona. That way, if someone initially saw your ad in Scottsdale then traveled outside of that 20 mile radius but is in Arizona, they’d still get hit with your remarketing ads. And that’s exactly what you want to make sure you reach as many interested people as possible.

If you have any questions on how AdWords remarketing can help your business, let us know! Contact our AdWords guru with any of your additional concerns, tips, or suggestions.

Tags:  AdWords  Online Advertising  online marketing  PPC  remarketing  small business  small business marketing 

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4 Ways Your Small Business Can Advertise Like the Big Guys

Posted By Michael Arce, Loud Rumor, Wednesday, October 7, 2015

advertise strong.jpg


As a small business, marketing budgets usually aren’t as grandiose as those like Coca Cola, Nike, and so on. But that doesn’t means you can’t advertise like them - we do. So when you use strategic marketing methods, you can get just about the same exposure to your targeted audience as the big guys do. Here’s how:

1 - Retargeting

Retargeting is an awesome way to get previous visitor to your website back on your page. It puts a cookie on people who landed on either your website or one of your landing pages and targets them once they leave. So this way, they’ll start to see your business’ ads on other sites.

Here’s an awesome explanation of how retargeting works and what it is exactly. What’s great about retargeting is that you only go after people who you know are already interested in your services or products. It’s very specific.

2 - Facebook Ads

Facebook is super important for businesses. So if you don’t already have a business profile, that’s your first step. From there, you can use ads to target people in a very niche way. Facebook allows you to specify your audience based on gender, age, location, job title, interests, and SO much more.

For tips on how to do super niche targeting, we’ve got you covered.

3 - YouTube Advertising

Video has taken storm in the marketing world. People love visuals. They’re easy to watch, engaging, and really capture a message. This is one of my favorite advertising options. You definitely get the most bang for your buck with YouTube ads because it really gets your brand out there. And you only have to pay when people either click your ad or watch the entire video!

But, of course, you want your video to capture people’s attention so that they’re driven to learn more about your company. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to make an awesome YouTube ad that converts.

4 - Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard this before: Content is king. And that’s absolutely correct. Content marketing is so important. It helps with SEO, it keeps fresh content on your site, and it attracts so many visitors. Content can include anything material related like blogs, press releases, videos, guides, and so on.

Providing your followers with this valuable information really keeps you top of mind. It also makes you an authority in your industry, meaning people will trust you more and come to you for tips, strategies, and eventually your services or products.

If you have any questions on retargeting, Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising or content marketing, don’t hesitate to comment below. We’ve also got a few more strategies up our sleeve that we’d love to fill you in on - so contact us today! Let’s chat.

Tags:  advertising  content marketing  Facebook  marketing  Online Advertising  online marketing  small business  YouTube 

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